Chegou a hora dessa gente bronzeada mostrar seu valor
The time has come for these bronzed people to show their value

Eu quero ver o Tio Sam tocar pandeiro para o mundo sambar
I want to see Uncle Sam play tambourine for the whole world to samba

O Tio Sam está querendo conhecer a nossa batucada
Uncle Sam is wanting to get to know our drumming

Anda dizendo que o molho da baiana melhorou seu prato
He's saying that the Bahiana's sauce has improved his food

Vai entrar no cuzcuz, acarajé e abará
He's going for cuzcuz, acarajé and abará (traditional Afro-Brazilian foods)

Na Casa Branca já dançou a batucada de Ioiô, Iaiá
In the White House they've already danced to the drumming of Yoyo and Yaya (traditional Afro-Brazilian terms of respect for a man and a woman, respectively)

Bule Bule (leather hat, in Salvador), is an original member of the matrix (as are others in this marvelous clip). We're hoping to see them sing this song in the White House during the next term! Saravá!


Brazil has something called "jeitinho" (zhay-TEEN-you), the "little way". In a land where the official way is often impossible, people get things done by other means.


The matrix is jeitinho. It allows splendid Brazilian musicians to be discovered and accessed from everywhere. But to work for the Brazilians, it has to work for everyone.


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