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"Many thanks for this – I am touched!"
Julian Lloyd Webber
We're touched too Mr Webber! (cello & Brazilian music fan)

✅—Founding Member Darius Mans (economist, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology); president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

"I'm truly thankful ... Sohlangana ngokuzayo :)"
Nduduzo Makhathini (piano, Blue Note recording artist)

"Thanks, this is a brilliant idea!!"
Alicia Svigals (klezmer fiddle; founder of The Klezmatics)

"This is super impressive work ! Congratulations ! Thanks for including me :)))"
Clarice Assad (composer & piano; compositions recorded by Yo Yo Ma and played by orchestras around the world)


  1. This is a matrix in the original sense of "source" ("matrix" derives from "mater", Latin for "mother"). The platform was built in Bahia, Brazil in order to provide a means by which Bahian artists could be reached from around the world. But there's a beautiful catch: To work for these people the platform must work for ALL in the global creative economy. It must engender an INTEGRATED GLOBAL CREATIVE ECONOMY.
  2. How a) Inside this matrix you have a node (a page) — a calling card to the universe — from which you can curate (recommend) other people in the network, and by which they can recommend you.
  3. How b) In mathematics there is something called "the small world phenomenon". Human society is "small world" (which is how most of the 8 billion of us of are within some 6 or so steps of each other). Neurons in the human brain are "small world". The internet is "small world".
  4. How c) This matrix is "small world". Nodes tend to be a small number of steps apart. You can potentially step from any node to any other. You can get to João do Boi from Quincy Jones in 4 steps. And from Quincy Jones to you.
  5. Participation is free to people. Businesses outside of Bahia, Brazil will be levied a nominal fee.
  6. Artificial intelligence not necessary. Real intelligence, yes. The matrix is a real mother for ya! Odoyá!


"we appreciate you"
(Banch Abegaze, mgr)

Kamasi Washington

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