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In human society most people are within the famous 6 degrees of separation of most others. This is due to a mathematical property of networks called "the small world phenomenon", a phenomenon seen in many other networks, including that comprised of the neurons in our brains.


The Matrix (a matrix in the original sense of the word: "source", from "mater", Latin for "mother", hence our motto) is such a small-world network.


Meaning that most people in it will tend to a handful of degrees of most others, with the result that their are many possible pathways of discovery between most creators—no matter where they are located on earth...


Meaning by extrapolation that most creators in the matrix are mere discoverable steps away from most humanity.


So how is that the seeming magic of small-world networks does the trick? Here's an explanation in Hamlet's nutshell:


10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10


Imagine 10 doorways. each capable of taking you to a person somewhere around the world, these doorways and the 10 people behind them recommended by somebody you admire and trust.


You choose a doorway and enter.


There you find that the recommended person also recommends 10 doorways, each with a recommended person behind it.


After you have walked through a series of 10 such doorways, you will have had access to 10¹⁰, ten billion choices (these choices can be repeats).


By this means the Matrix allows for the construction of pathways between the most far-separated people. The fact that these pathways exist does not mean that they will BE followed. It means that they CAN be followed.


It means that whereas before connections did not exist and in many cases discovery was impossible, now there are (potential) ways to everybody and everything.


All is closer than we imagine.