The New York Times Does Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Seth Kugel has been here in Salvador (still is?) and his 36 Hours in Salvador Brazil was published in the New York Times yesterday, January 24th, 2019.

Seth Kugel writes about Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Seth Kugel calls it in

Nice to see One of The Most Amazing Cities on The Planet get a little recognition from the big guy media (gal? the paper is known as “the grey lady” after all), for a change.

Thank you Seth!

But alas even as in the closest and most loving families people are wont to bicker and complain about the best-intentioned and most successfully executed actions…let the nitpicking begin…

A couple of friends of mine who’ve lived here for decades don’t find the restaurant Donana all so marvelous. Me? I’ve never heard of it (a reflection upon myself and not the restaurant there) and so have no opinion on the matter, nothing to say. I love the yearly corn dogs at Bryan’s in Porto da Barra. I’d probably be stopped at the Donana’s transom for some rubish transgression.

And if I were even more bumptious than I already am I’d presume to tell a writer who writes for the Times and elsewhere how to write his articles; how when writing about Salvador and Bahia one MUST include something about Bahia’s Great Recôncavo being the Cradle of Samba (the National Music of Brazil)! How one must expostulate upon the Primordial Chula — Ancestral Samba — which is still played and danced to in the Recôncavo by wonderfully resilient people living in poverty.

But then I’ve been living here in Salvador for 27 years, and I learned a few things from Seth’s article myself. Viva!!!!!

36 Hours in Salvador, Brazil