Music Classes In Salvador

Bira Marques’ Núcleo Moderno de Música has top-flight people teaching various instruments and modalities of music. The center is located in the neighborhood of Santo Antônio além do Carmo, getting towards the Largo do Santo Antônio, on the right-hand side if one is walking away from Pelourinho and towards the largo (at number 442, per the image below).

Bira is an extremely nice and humble guy (in spite of being a big-shot maestro here in Salvador). Márcio Pereira studied music in New Orleans and so is an English-speaker. Mou Brasil is the jazz guitar-player in the famous musical Brasil family of Santo Antônio (his brother Luiz is a session guitarist in Rio; Jorge and Marcelo are drummers). Mário Pam (that “Pam” is the Brazilian form of “Bam”…as in “bam bam bam”) is a percussion master from bloco afro Ilê Aiyê.

That’s Bira (Ubiratan) to the left, with (the partially pictured) Orquestra Afro Sinfónica

To sum things up, these guys are among the top dogs in the local music scene.