Ice Cream in Salvador da Bahia

French ice cream in Salvador, Bahia
French handmade ice cream (sorvete) in Pelourinho

Lovely, imaginatively handmade ice creams and sherbets — including from a wide array of native Brazilian fruits — in the style of the traditional French recipes of George’s family’s ice cream shops located in Deauville and Paris.

No chemical additives for anything: not color, flavor, consistency and texture, conservation…these are completely natural.

The owners are a French/Brazilian couple — Georges and Magarida Laporte, who opened the shop in 2002. The also serve a wide selection of crepes, coffees and drinks.

Le Glacier Laporte is located in the Largo (or Praça) do Cruzeiro, at the very end on the right from the Terrerio de Jesus end of the square, across the street from the huge Igreja (Church) de São Francisco.

A scoop will set you back 8 reais, one real extra if it goes into a cone. Two scoops are 12 and 13, respectively.

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Official address is Largo do Cruzeiro do São Francisco, 21
Centro Histórico, Salvador

(71) 3266-3649

Their motto is (the rather beguiling when thus anglicized): A French touch in the Bahian heat!