Hot Picks for Friday, June 22nd in Salvador

São João in Salvador, Bahia
Viva São João no Capital de Salvador da Bahia!!!

We are well into Brazil’s Nordeste’s (Northeast’s) season of June festivities, climaxing on the vesper before June 24th (evening of the 23rd), June 24th being the feast day of São João (the Nativity of St. John the Baptist).

In the Nordeste — geographically speaking more mideast than northeast really, but a culturally-defined area as well; band of what’s left of rainforest along the coast and a huge expanse of inland territory given to drought and hard living, where people take refuge in music and dance.

Much of this music falls under the umbrella term “forro”, played — at its most fundamental — with accordion — often a small, button version thereof — and triangle and zabumba, a Portuguese drum played in a tricky Afro-Brazilian manner.

So tonight, June 22nd, 2018, there will be forró in all three public squares in Pelourinho: Quincas Berro d’Água, Pedro Arcanjo, and Teresa Batista. A series of different groups and performers in each praça, and LOTS of dancing. Beginning six p.m. ish.