Black Market

Brazil is home to the largest African-diaspora population in the world, and Salvador in any number of ways is Brazil’s African capital. So on this page I’m going to list interesting providers of goods and services African-Brazilian in character, located in or around the Centro Histórico:


Negra Jho

Negra Jhô’s African hair salon is located in Pelourinho, at Rua Frei Vicente (Ladeira de São Miguel), 4 (a couple of doors down from Nego Fua’s Bar Galícia, across the street from Magary Lord’s club, and around the corner from Cana Brava Records).

Jhô was the first in the area with a salon devoted to African styles and is resolved to stay in spite of competition from later-comers who work in the street and don’t have to pay rent. Leave even more beautiful than when you entered!

She works on hair of any character, on heads of any color.



Vânia Nazaré works out of her atelier in the neighborhood of Mouraria, making dresses (including the one she’s wearing above), shirts, and batik wall hangings (per above).

Rua do Bângala, 160, (71) 9 9609-1932, 9 8817-4361,

(on posters, in books, on t-shirts and t-dresses)

Pierre Verger Shop in Salvador, Bahia
Imagery to go

Pierre Verger was a peripatetic Frenchman who after sojourns around this world wound up in Salvador in 1946. Among much else, he photographed elsewhere and here, capturing Salvador’s life-in-its-time as no one else in this medium has.

Pierre Verger Shop in Salvador, Bahia: Balcony
Photo Prints

At the corner of Rua da Misericórdia and Praça da Sé is a small shop dedicated to his work, material suitable for framing, reading, and/or wearing.

Open from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 9 to 6, and Sundays and holidays from 9 to 3.

Telefone: +55 (71) 3321 2341


More to come!