What is Web Aleph?

O que é Web Alef?


Latest parlance for the latest stage of the evolving structure of the internet is web 3.0. In a series beginning at 1.


The Matrix Online Network is not an evolution along this continuum. It extends in another direction, much as the complex numbers extend in a direction not on the real number line. It is built on a "quirk" in mathematical structure: the small world phenomenon.


The Matrix begins with Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. "The Aleph" (El Aleph) is the title of a marvelous short story by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.



Within this story, the Aleph (Borges was obviously inspired in the Kabbalah) allows one looking into it to perceive the universe in its entirety.


In The Matrix Online Network, members of the global creative economy tend — by virtue of the small world phenomenon — to within accessible steps of everybody else inside the matrix. All are potentially perceivable by all.


Thus the nomenclature.


"WEB ALEPH": The web is small world; all are potentially in reach of all.


"MATRIX ONLINE NETWORK": A manner of virtually "concretizing" Web Aleph, making it usable.