The Matrix is a worldwide music & arts (or more accurately, musician & artist) discovery matrix built on the concept of the small world network. Small world networks arise from the fact that all people in the world are connected by a short series of steps, the number generally hovering around six or less.

Sign up and your page is created. On your page's "They Curate Me" tab you create categories for which you can be recommended.

When somebody recommends you, you appear on their "I Curate Them" tab. They appear on your "They Curate Me" tab.

When you recommend somebody, they appear on your "I Curate Them" tab. You appear on their "They Curate Me" tab.

Recommendations in series (somebody recommends me...I recommend somebody else...they recommend somebody...) form worldlines. Worldlines form the matrix.


This matrix began and begins with João do Boi, Raimundo Sodré, Bule Bule (leather hat in the video) and other amazing artists in Bahia, Brazil. These are my dear personal friends.

In order to demonstrate the theory and modi operandi behind the operation I contacted many musicians and artists in other areas, artistically and geographically. Airto Moreira okayed his signup. Greg Osby signed up, others...

But many of the matrix pages in here I built myself. I tried to follow personal connections (I know Michelle Mercer, she's in the matrix; she wrote Wayne Shorter's biography, I added him to the matrix; both Michelle and Wayne know Herbie Hancock, I added him to the matrix).

Music writer James Gavin is a friend of mine. Rather than pester him I added him to the matrix.

Music writer Jay Mazza is a friend of mine. Rather than pester him I added him to the matrix.

This predicated on the idea that these matrix pages will at some point become "official".

In the case of Quincy Jones, Q actively promotes young pianist Justin Kauflin. So I have Q recommending Justin Kauflin.

I believe I have Herbie recommending Wayne. Etc. etc. etc.

In other cases I've created matrix pages for people I don't know (but admire) and have created recommendations from those pages to the pages of artists the people I don't know probably don't know, or know of, either.

...not meaning to create Potemkin pages or recommendations, but to show how the system works. And everybody I've added is so great in their way that I hopefully doubt that people will take offense at these "recommendations"...

There are so many shades of my participation/non-participation that rather than create a manifold list of levels from which one or some will be displayed on any given page, I am, for now, counting on this disclaimer.

If anybody has any questions about any given node, please feel free to contact me from the bottom of every page.

Thank you!

Randy Roberts